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Hey guys! Just a little reminder to check out my fanfics on!
Author Name: DisneyOTPFanatic
I've written stories for Treasure Planet, Toy Story, Flushed Away, and I think one more lol
Read, review, and request! :D <3
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Delbert and Amelia Love Songs Chp 8
What Do Ya Want From Me-Adam Lambert
Hey, slow it down…
"Look, I'll just go if that's how you feel!" Delbert growled, pushing away from the opposite side of Amelia's desk and stomping towards the door.
"Fine! Go, you bumbling idiot!" Amelia stood and hissed, trying not to let her tears streak down her face.
What do you want from me?
Amelia used her hand and sweep away papers, pencils, and pretty much whatever was on her desk. She slammed her fist against her desk, tears streaking down her cheeks. She sat down heavily in her chair, put her head on her folded arms and sobbed.
Yeah...I'm afraid… What do you want from me?
Delbert ran off of The Legacy, stumbling over various boxes left on it, and once he made it down off of the ship, he ran through the huge crowd of people pushing and shoving. He ignored their protests and yells of irritation, his own tears flying off of his cheeks into his hair. He could barely see, his tears blurring his vision. He finally ran out of breath o
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Delbert and Amelia Love Songs Chp 6
My Love by Westlife
Delbert sighed as he punched in the number for the 4th time. He was standing in a phone booth of the spaceport, struggling against frustrated tears. He tried to get rid of the idea of calling her, but his heart ached every time he tried. He had been trying for at least 20 minutes, and decided that this was the last time he would try. He wasn't really expecting her to pick up... She didn't seem very happy when they finished arguing about a week earlier. She had been told by the Academy that she was needed for a voyage... Which would've been fine if the timing wasn't so terrible. Amelia argued that she needed to go on the voyage, and Delbert argued and said that a voyage was more important to her than their anniversary... And he had said some things he didn't mean...
"The Legacy, Captain Amelia speaking."
Delbert blinked. It had been a while since he had heard her voice... They had both been so upset that neither even thought about calling the other.
"U-Um... I..."
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Delbert and Amelia Love Songs Chp 5
Amelia curled up in Delbert's lap, her sobs finally subsiding. Earlier, the newlyweds had gone to her parents' house so her family could meet Delbert, and it hadn't gone too great. First, her parents thought it was a joke and laughed, then they yelled at Amelia for "dishonoring the Smollet name" and marrying Delbert. Amelia tried to stay calm, but her entire family seemed to be against their relationship. As they walked through the big house, they heard snickers and grumbles, and the occasional scoff. In the evening at dinner, Amelia's mother had gotten up and said:
"We're all very grateful for having Amelia back home... Even though she disgraced us all..."
And Amelia snapped. She had gotten angry and stood, hissing at everyone.
"None of you have any idea what I had to go through! I love Delbert, and I'm finally happy! Why can't you slack-jawed, pompous, overexhaulted, two-faced idiots just be happy for us? You are supposed to be my family! We're marr
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Delbert and Amelia Love Songs Chp 4
"I Love You" by Lecrae
Amelia woke up and stretched. It was Saturday, so it was a perfect day to sleep in. She blushed as she realized that someone was standing in the room with her. She sat up quickly, then relaxed when she realized that it was Delbert.
"Don't scare me like that, Delbert."
"I apologize, darling." Delbert smiled and walked over to the bed. He kissed her forehead, brushing some of her hair out of the way.
They had been married for only about 2 months, but they were very happy. Amelia rolled her eyes as she flicked his nose and got up.
"What are you doing up so early anyway?"
"Just wanted to get a jump on the day…Is that a bad thing, Ms. Wake Up At 3 In The Morning?"
Delbert smirked as he made the bed. He knew how dedicated Amelia was to her naval duties, and loved to tease her about it. Amelia just scoffed and pulled on her favorite robe.
"You know I have things I actually have to do at 3 in the morning, Delbert."
"Going over voyage profiles for the umpteenth time
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Delbert and Amelia Love Songs Chp 3
"Too Not Over You" by David Archuleta
(ok no more David Archuleta after this Lololol)
"Hello." Delbert said tightly.
"Hello." Amelia mumbled.
They had ran into each other in a small dock, both of them shocked.
Amelia struggled against her urge to hug him tight, and apologize for the way she had acted all those weeks ago... They had had an argument about something, and broke up. But neither of them could remember what the argument was about.
"...What are you d-doing here?" Delbert asked, slightly afraid of the answer.
"Well... Travis is picking me up here for our date tonight." Amelia mumbled.
Delbert's heart ached like crazy. The truth was, he truly missed her, and wanted to apologize... But he just couldn't.
"That's nice. How are you two doing?"
"Oh. Well, um... We're fine. He's a perfect gentleman."
"Oh, that... That's w-wonderful."
Amelia nodded and turned away, tears stinging her eyes. Delbert felt his chest close up as he fought back sobs.
"Well I... Travis is here. Good day, Delb
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Delbert and Amelia Love Songs Chp 2
"To Be With You" by David Archuleta
(I like his music ok? Lol)
"Are you feeling alright, Captain?"
Amelia let out a long sigh as she stared out into the Etherium.
"Yes, Mr. Longtern. I'm fine. Please return to your post."
Amelia listened as he walked off. This voyage was only a few weeks long, but it felt like forever. She took a deep breath and walked to her stateroom, her heart aching. Once there, she sat in her chair at her desk, and stared at the picture of Delbert at middle of her desk. She picked it up and smiled softly.
"Oh, how I long to be with you..." She whispered.
She sighed once more and put the picture face down, and closed her eyes.
On Montressor, Delbert sat in his observatory, staring out his window, ignoring the cold breeze. He had tears rolling down his face as he stared into the sky. She was out there. Out there sailing among the stars... He sighed and looked at his picture that he and Amelia had taken in a photo booth. They were both smiling and laughing, and in th
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Delbert and Amelia: Love Songs Chp 7
Everything's Alright by Laura Shigihara
Short steps, deep breath...
Everything is alright...
Amelia and Delbert walked out underneath the black, starry sky on The Legacy. They had run into each other accidently. Amelia had been out getting some fresh air after spending hours alone in her, now drafty, stateroom due to her exploded windows, and Delbert had actually been on his way to the kitchen for a little midnight snack. One awkward moment led to another, which led to Amelia asking:
"Would you like to join me, Doctor Doppler?"
Delbert had stuttered and squirmed, but finally managed to squeak out:
"I ah...If that's alright with you… Ma'am."
Chin up, I can't…
Step into the spotlight...
They had engaged in pleasant conversation, until they ran out of things to talk about and merely walked around the deck of the ship, enjoying each other's company. Around midnight or so, Amelia let out a soft sigh, causing Delbert to look over at her, allowing her space to speak her mind if ne
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Just The Beginning
The Crescentia Spaceport is one of the largest spaceports in the universe. But it is also one of the busiest. But Captain Amelia Smollet was used to the hustle and bustle by now, and was no longer bothered by the constant heat, pushing and yelling. As she neared her ship, the RLS Legacy, a sense of absolute pride washed over her. The golden accents of the Legacy shone in the scorching heat, and the solar sails waved idly as it sat in port. As far as she was concerned, the Legacy was the closest thing to a friend that she had right now. Well, besides Mr. Arrow. Speaking of which…
“Welcome aboard, Captain.” A gruff voice spoke from the bridge as Amelia stepped onto her ship.
Amelia turned in the direction of the voice, smiled and gave a short nod to Mr. Arrow, her First Mate.
“Thank you, Mr. Arrow.” She said as she joined him.
“I suspect you received the details of our next voyage?”
Amelia took her eyes away from her suddenly busy crew, and gave
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